With an illustrious career that spans over two decades, Federica has cemented her status as a vanguard of the jewellery industry.

As the Editor in Chief of the prestigious VO+ jewelry magazine, Federica stands at the helm of the VO+ editorial system, both offline and online, a testament to her prowess and visionary leadership in the jewellery narrative. Her work with VO+, published by the esteemed IEG Italian Exhibition Group through Studio Editoriale in Milan, showcases her commitment to excellence and innovation in jewellery journalism. In addition to directing VO+ magazine, Frosini also teaches editorial communication at the IED Institute in Rome.

Before her current role, Federica’s journey in the world of high jewellery and luxury publishing saw her influencing tastes and trends as the Senior Jewelry Editor at Italian Vogue (Vogue Gioiello) and CNTraveller, where her keen eye for detail and unique perspective on style left an indelible mark on readers and industry insiders alike. Today, she continues to shape the future of jewellery design as a freelance consultant, journalist, talent scout, writer, and trend analyst, leveraging her extensive experience to spotlight emerging talents and redefine aesthetic norms.

Her contributions extend beyond the pages of VO+; as a prolific contributor to a wide array of notable publications such as Vogue Italia, CNTraveler, Amica, Luxe Asia City Guides, Preziosa Magazine, and AD Architectural Digest, Federica has established herself as a global authority in jewellery criticism. Her work is characterized by an enduring passion to explore the ever-evolving landscape of the jewellery market, from the brightest newcomers to the most established brands, providing insights that resonate with both industry stakeholders and jewellery enthusiasts around the world.

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