Katerina Perez

Katerina Perez is a celebrated Paris-based jewellery insider with over 15 years of experience. As a journalist, brand consultant, and influential Key Opinion Leader, she has shaped the fine jewellery narrative through her website, katerinaperez.com, and a popular Instagram account. Her work, which includes contributions to major publications and roles as a public speaker and educator, combines deep industry knowledge with a passion for the artistry of jewellery. Recognized by leading media outlets and awarded for her influence, Katerina is dedicated to inspiring love and appreciation for jewellery as an art form.

Federica Frosini 

Federica has distinguished herself as a leading figure in the jewellery industry throughout a career spanning over twenty years. The Editor in Chief of VO+ jewelry magazine, she has also Vogue (Vogue Gioiello,) Vogue Italia, AD Architectural Digest and CNTraveller, where she influenced jewellery tastes and trends. As a consultant, journalist, talent scout, writer, and trend analyst, she focuses on highlighting emerging talents and setting new aesthetic standards. Her extensive contributions across various prestigious publications have solidified her status as a global authority on jewellery criticism, offering insights that appeal to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Alan Revere 

Alan Revere, a master goldsmith, award-winning designer, and esteemed educator, has profoundly impacted the jewellery world. Founding the renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco in 1979, his academy became a premier destination for aspiring jewellers globally. Beyond teaching, Revere contributed significantly to the industry through leadership roles as past president of the American Jewelry Design Council and his creative works. His educational materials have become essential for jewellers everywhere, earning him the title “A master’s master.”