Contest FAQ

What is the theme for the 2024 competition?

The theme is “Sustainable Luxury,” focusing on merging luxury with sustainability in jewellery design.

What are the criteria for the competition?

Detailed criteria can be found in the competition terms, but generally, designs should be inspired by the theme, “Sustainable Luxury,” focusing on ethical and environmentally conscious concerns.

How can I submit my entry for the competition?

Participants can submit their designs by registering on the SJDA Web App and logging in to submit their designs.

Can I submit just an illustration

If you have not produced your piece, you are free to submit your concept/illutration.
We recommend you include additional images such as renderings or technical drawings to help the judges understand your vision, but this is not strictly required and judges will review and consider your submission.

Can I sumbit something OTHER than a photo/PDF/video?

We only accept image, pdf and video formats to ensure a consistent and fair experience for our judging panel.

Will I need to produce my jewellery design?

If you have already produced your jewellery piece and are entering the “No Limits” category, please include photos of your actual creation as well as your concept drawings or renderings.

If you are participating in the “Fresh Facets” Category, the manufacturing sponsor will assist you to produce your pieces in time for the Singapore International Jewellery Expo. Please see the detailed terms and conditions related to production.

If I win, what will happen!?

If you are one of our deserving finalists we will contact you to ensure your information is accurate for our announcements and public voting rounds.

If you are selected as a winner:

“No Limits”

– If you have already produced your entry you will be invited to exhibit it at the Singapore International Jewellery Expo (and grand prize winner at the Vicenza Oro exhibition). This is NOT a requirement.

– The competition will not be committing manufacturing sponsor’s resources to producing ‘No Limits’ designs, but if you wish, we can share your design with the manufacturing sponsor and facilitate a discussion.


“Fresh Facets”

– If you have already produced your entry you will be invited to exhibit it at the Singapore International Jewellery Expo.

– If you have not yet produced the design, our manufacturing sponsor will reach out to you to coordinate its production. Please refer to the terms and conditions page to understand your compensation for the sale of any manufactured pieces.

Can I participate if I'm living outside of Singapore?

Yes this competition is also open to all aspiring jewellery designers in living in other countries.

Is there an entry fee for the 2024 competition?

No, thanks to contributions by organizers and sponsors, there is no entry fee for participation this year.

When is the deadline to submit entries for the 2024 competition?

The submission deadline is 1 April 2024.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the end of April 2024.

Who judges the entries for the SJDA?

Entries are evaluated by an esteemed judging panel comprised of influential and in-touch members of the global jewellery community.

What do participants gain from entering the competition?

Apart from exposure and feedback from eminent figures in the jewellery industry, all participants will receive a complimentary Online Gemmology Training worth 80 SGD.

How can I get more information or ask questions about the competition?

For more inquiries, participants can email for direct support and information.


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