The Singapore Jewellery Design Awards have a number of categories to ensure fair competition between artisans with different experience levels and backgrounds.

Please take a moment to review the categories and regulations.

Jewellery Without Limits

Providing maximum flexibility for designers of any age and background, including active jewellery professionals.

Open to all

Submissions may be concepts or finished pieces that have been produced

Maximum Submissions:
Three per participant

The ‘Jewellery Without Limits’ Category of the SJDA is open to jewellers, jewellery designers and persons involved in or studying the design and manufacture of precious jewellery or relevant creative discipline such as textile design, graphic design, fashion design, etc.

Jewellery pieces submitted in this category should be sold for no more than USD$12,000
Your selection of materials should reflect this cap and general target price.

There is no limitation to the jewellery type but it should be a wearable item. Pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, brooches or any other creative thinking is encouraged.
Metals used can be Platinum, Gold or any combination of these.
Entrants may incorporate other materials into their designs such as Diamonds, coloured Gems, Pearls, Jade, or other natural jewellery materials including Organic Gems (with the exception of any restricted materials of those made from endangered species). Designs may use Cabochon or Faceted Gemstones of standard cuts that are easily commercially available. Alternatively if you have your own gemstone that you plan to design for (ie: that you can supply) you may also use this in your design.

In this category entrants are encouraged to take into consideration:

Manufacturing Practicality,
Judges will be assessing this aspect and expecting that the piece can and will be manufactured to specifications of the submitted design.  If the piece is selected for the final round of judging the entrant is expected to produce the finished creation, or will have the option to work with a manufacturing sponsor for production.

Commercial viability,
Given the generous target retail budget, designs in this category are expected to be of high standard and a “one of a kind” bespoke creations not produced with mass market in mind.

Fresh Facets

Nurturing design students and new entrants to the jewellery industry with less than 5 years of professional experience.

Open Students and New Entrants

Submissions should be concepts in multiple views with a view to manufacture.

Maximum Submissions:
Three per participant


The ‘Fresh Facets’ Category of the SJDA is open to students, amateurs and new entrants to the jewellery industry. ‘New entrants’ is defined as individuals who have not been involved in commercial (for profit) activity for a period of longer than 5 years.


Jewellery pieces submitted in this category should be sold for no more than USD$2500
Your selection of materials should reflect this cap and general target price.


There is no limitation to the jewellery type but it should be a wearable item. Pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, brooches or any other creative thinking is encouraged.
Metals used should be a minimum of 18K gold for jewellery pieces requiring manufacture by the manufacturing sponsor. For jewellery pieces already produced, Silver with plating may be accepted.

Entrants may incorporate other materials into their designs such as meleé diamonds, coloured Gems such as Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Topaz,  or other similar available Gems, freshwater Pearls, or other natural jewellery materials including Organic Gems like Shell or Coral (with the exception of any restricted materials of those made from endangered species). Designs may use Faceted or Cabochon Gemstones of standard cuts/sizs that are easily commercially available


In this category entrants are encouraged to take into consideration:

Manufacturing Practicality,
Judges will be assessing this aspect and expecting that the piece can and will be manufactured to specifications of the submitted design.  The manufacturing sponsor, On Cheong Pte. Ltd. will produce the three winning designs in this category if they are not already produced by the winning designer.

Commercial viability,
This category allows for a lower budget and will need to show innovative reproducible design at affordable price ranges.

Exquisite AI

Exploring the future of design using generative AI tools to find inspiration.

Open to anyone using AI technologies

Special considerations:
Submissions must include detailed information about models, prompts, trainings sets, technologies or processes used.

Maximum Submissions:
Three per participant

The ‘Exquisite AI’ category of the SJDA is open to any designer that has experimented with new technologies of generative AI to inspire or create jewellery designs. While it is not expected that these designs will be manufactured, they should be feasible to realise without significant design changes if they were to be manufactured.

Images submitted in this category can be completely or partially produced by AI. Examples of complete AI creation include prompting of Stable Diffusion, MidJourney or other diffusion models. Partial production examples include the use of existing images or elements, supplemented with generative fills or tools in programs such as Photoshop, Firefly, etc.

The ‘Artificially Exquisite’ category has no restrictions on materials or manufacturing as it requires the submission of a single photograph or design created, with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence tools, by the designer.

The competition theme must be evident in the submission or should be explained if not evident.

The nature of generative AI involved many variations. You should select your best concept/generation for submission. No more than three submissions will be allowed from any one participant.

In this category, entrants are encouraged to take into consideration:

Conceptual innovation,
Designers are encouraged to explore and push the limits of traditional jewellery concepts and materials. While designs should be rooted in reality, this judging criterial will reward more creative thinking.

Effective use of AI technology,
Judges will consider the integration of AI technology into the jewellery design process. Designers who use specific AI algorithms, machine learning techniques, customized models or creatively integrate AI tools and human design stages to enhance the design process will be recognised in this criterion.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal,
Judges will evaluate the visual impact and aesthetic appeal of the AI-generated jewellery design submissions. Considering factors such as composition, color harmony, balance, and overall visual attractiveness.


Participants must provide a detailed explanation of the AI tools, techniques or algorithms used in their design process. This can include information on the prompts used, models selected, any training information, process steps or any other relevant technical details. Thee details will help judges evaluate the submission but will not be shared publicly.


Designs should be original and not infringe upon any existing copyrights or trademarks. It is understood that some models may not provide detailed information about the origins of training data used to produce them, but participants should not explicitly train on copyrighted materials. Participants should also avoid using pre-existing AI-generated designs to ensure uniqueness.

General Terms & ConDITIONS

Public Voting



Each entry should be submitted electronically together with a completed application form.

The application form must include information for all required fields, including a description of the sizes, material(s) and technique(s) used and a brief description summarising the design style, with a maximum of 300 words.

All entry forms must be completed in English. Design descriptions will NOT form a part of the judging criteria and will be used solely for the purposes of providing supporting information about the design and its designer to the public.


All designs must be submitted electronically via the Singapore Jewellery Design Award’s web-based submission page. Submissions may include scans of physical drawings or computer aided design renderings.

All designs must include:

  • Jewellery Without Limits
    • Illustration(s) or rendering(s) of design
    • Photograph(s) of finished jewellery pieces (if the item has been produced)
  • Fresh Facets
    • Illustration(s) or rendering(s) of design
    • Technical drawing of design consisting of at least a top and one side view in 1:1 Scale
  • Exquisite AI
    • AI generated or AI-assisted computer images of a single jewellery concept

For Scans of Physical Drawings

  • Dimensions A4 size (297mmx210mm)
  • Minimum scan resolution: 200dpi
  • File Type: File Type PNG / PDF / JPG
  • File Size no more than 5MB

For Computerised Designs

  • Dimensions: Minimum 1080 pixels on largest side
  • File Type: PNG / PDF / JPG
  • File Size: no more than 5MB
  • *Computerised design finalists of the Fresh Facets category will be asked to submit a 3D Model in STL Format

For AI generated designs

  • Dimensions: 512 pixels on smallest 
  • File Type: PNG / JPG / MP4
  • File Size: no more than 5MB

Individual submissions are limited to 5 uploads per submission.
If you are submitting more than one design, please submit each one individually as a separate application. Individual entries consisting of DIFFERENT designs will be automatically disqualified.

To preserve the integrity of the judging process, no identifying features of name, logo, or trademark on any entry is allowed. After judging has been completed, all designs will be properly credited in any public display.


Final judging will take place in April 2024.

Entries for SJDA will be evaluated anonymously, impartially and ethically against the criteria described in each category as well as using the judges own subjective impressions of aesthetic appeal and uniqueness.

The decision of the panel of Judges will be final and is not subject to dispute or appeal.


SJDA DOES NOT charge a participation fee.

Winners will be invited to participate in awards activities and press events in Singapore, as well as to optionally manufacture their winning designs or exhibit their winning collections.

Neither SJDA nor any of its supporting sponsors shall bear any cost associated with individual’s participation in these activities including but not limited to:

  • Any form of travel expense, air or otherwise
  • Any form of lodging expense in Singapore or while in transit
  • Commercial insurance on jewellery being transported, stored or exhibited at SIJE or to the sponsoring manufacturer.


Once submitted, no application may be modified until the final selection process.

Finalists will be contacted before the announcement of the winning pieces to review their application details.

After the winning designs have been selected by the final judging panel, no changes to application details will be accepted for any reason.


Submissions should be original work and should NOT have won prizes or placed as finalists in other local or international competitions.

Submissions are not required to be created solely for the purpose of this competition, hence participants may submit existing commercial designs for consideration provided they meet category and competition criteria.

There are limits on the number of submissions per individual and category, the same design may only be submitted for ONE category.

Participants may choose to submit different designs for a single category or any combination of multiple categories.

Employees of the sponsoring companies may not enter the competition.


Submissions to the Singapore Jewellery Design Awards do not impact ownership of the designer’s or company’s original intellectual property.

SJDA shall arrange websites, emails, printed materials and official displays of submissions and winning pieces.

By submitting a design to the SJDA, any and all rights to the display of these designs, depictions, photography, prototypes or models in the use and context of the SJDA is waived in entirety and perpetuity.

SJDA and its organizers and sponsors, Singapore Jewellers Association, Conference and Exhibition Management Services Pte. Ltd. and Jewellery Design and Management International School Pte. Ltd. will retain the rights to reproduce any and all SJDA resources in the style and manner to be determined at their sole discretion, and without seeking approval of the applicant or winner, provided this remains within the scope of promoting the SJDA, its participants, winners or achievements.

SJDA and its organizing partners will use reasonable endeavours to promote appropriate coverage of the winning pieces in the consumer and trade press internationally and by entering the competition you agree to this.  However, the extent of the coverage remains under the editorial control of the local media.

For the sake of clarity, neither SJDA nor its supporting partners (save manufacturing sponsor) will use the intellectual property of the competition applicants for commercial sale in any form. The competitions Manufacturing Sponsor will not use the intellectual property of the competition applicants without prior written agreement between the parties outlining the limitations (duration, exclusivity in Singapore) and terms (licence fee payable in case of sale) of such use.



Winners of the Fresh Facets categories will be invited to manufacture their winning designs for exhibition at the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2024.

Winners unable to organize their own manufacturing will be contacted by the competition manufacturing sponsor if willing to manufacture the jewellery.

Manufacturers (whether the winner or a supporting sponsor) will be able sell winning pieces at the jewellery show. Where a manufacturing sponsor offers to produce a design for the show, they shall have the full discretion to set the selling price of the piece and shall, upon sale of the design, compensate the designer for their intellectual property at a rate of not less than 10% of the sale price.

Should the sponsoring manufacturer recycle or re-purpose the jewellery piece or be unable to sell the piece for a period exceeding 1 year, no fee shall be payable to the award winner.



Singapore Jewellery Design Award reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.



Entrants must comply with all the above-mentioned rules and are deemed to have accepted and agreed to them when entering into the competition.

If you have any queries regarding the competition, please forward them to



By registering and participating in the competition, you agree and consent to SJDA (including its related corporations/stakeholders), as well as its representatives and/or agents collecting, using, disclosing and sharing amongst themselves your personal data, and disclosing such Personal Data to their authorised service providers and relevant third parties relevant to this award competition. You acknowledge and agree that your personal data and submissions may be stored and processed by SJDA for the stated purposes.


Singapore Jewellery Design Award (SJDA) strictly adheres to international laws and regulations, including those related to financial transactions and sanctions imposed by Singapore, the European Union, the United Nations, and other international bodies. Consequently, we regret to inform potential participants that we are unable to issue cash prizes or conduct financial transactions with individuals or entities from countries currently subject to such financial sanctions. This includes, but is not limited to, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, the Crimean region of Ukraine and any other country facing similar restrictions under international or Singapore law. By participating in SJDA, you acknowledge and agree to this limitation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in complying with these mandatory legal obligations.

  • Submissions to the public competition are rated by members of the general public via social media channels such as facebook, instagram or twitter. Winners will be determined by the number of qualifying votes cast for their designs.
  • There will be no cash prize for public voting awards.
  • Participants are free to share their submissions with friends and family via social media.
  • Competition organizers may advertise or promote the competition via whatever channels they see fit; said promotion may include the latest competition submissions, the top submissions or any other representative sample of submissions selected at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Only finalist and semi-finalist contestants will be included in the public voting activities
  • Where multiple images are uploaded, only ONE image’s votes will be counted (ie: contestants with multiple views or multiple items will not receive the sum of the votes for all the photos submitted)



  • In order to be displayed on public voting platforms, designs must qualify for one of the SJDA categories.
  • In order to qualify as a public vote, votes must come from individuals with valid social media accounts; those individuals must not be paid for their votes. Participants who boost posts, or otherwise pay for votes or views may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the organizers. Such disqualifications shall not be subject to appeal, the Organizers will not entertain discussion or correspondence related to disqualification due to the use of suspected false accounts or paid promotion.

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